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  1. Scott Hamilton says:

    Hey mate,

    Good to read that you’re opening up about this. Obviously though, is shit that you’re going through this but it’s good that you’re realising that is 2 effecting you. I was originally diagnosed with depression and anxiety some twenty odd years ago. Some times are blips, others are full on visits by the black dog. I’ve had a change in meds to venlafaxine from citalopram. My counselor suggested EFT (tapping) therapy which seems to be working for me. There’s plenty of YouTube videos covering it. I’ve also found just being as open as I can has really helped. It’s given people some kind of understanding to what I’m going through.

    Hope it’s not too long a struggle for you mate, just know it’s beatable.

    Scott Hamilton

    • lacosanostra84 says:

      Thanks Scott. Obviosuly I’ve seen your posts and a few others or comments on mine which have made me realise we are in numbers – a thing I knew anyway but I think our minds (well mine anyway) twists the obvious to make it seem like we are alone despite the fact we see and hear about others all the time. I think, now that I acknowledge it and feel comfortable speaking about it, I may have found a way of coping. The shame of feeling or thinking a certain way forms a heavy burden and the fear of telling someone those thoughts increases the weight exponentially. I’m looking forward to reading any blogs you do – reading stuff by people I don’t know/have never heard ofdoesn’t hit home as hard as if it were by someone I know. I guess, the more honest we are with this, the more someone who doesn’t know us actually will feel like they do because it resonates with them.

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