Fictional Fight Club – Round 1 – Mario vs Sonic – The Results

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4 Responses

  1. dreager1 says:

    Great fight I’m glad you also say Sonic would win. I personally agree because while Mario is a good fighter Sonic has super speed and he’s even fought gods and demons. Sonic also has Super Sonic Form

  2. Woulda been good to get a lot more votes but hey, a win’s a win lol.

    Need to try and get the next fight arranged – kinda fallen by the wayside…

    • dreager1 says:

      Yeah the More Fights the better. Around when do you think you’ll have the next fight up?

      If you want inspiration for more fights check out

      I do Fights and other things, but if you just want to see fights I have the category on my channel.

      PS I’m definitely glad you picked Sonic. Surprisingly a lot of people go with Mario even though Sonic has godlike abilities

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