Fictional Fight Club – Round 1 – Mario vs Sonic

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5 Responses

  1. dreager1 says:

    Well I go with Sonic all the way. Mario may be athletic, but Sonic has super speed and has defeated gods and Demons. Sonic also has SUper Sonic Form which travels faster than The Speed of Light.

  2. kade says:

    mario duh who came first the hedghog or man MAN.

    metal mario would be able to withstand chaos sonic dashing into him saying im the best also amy distracts him and seriously sega dr eggman i could think of a better name than that

  3. kade says:

    its me again i forgot to say


  4. Gray says:

    Mario can crush living beings flat with his feet, but Sonic can Tear apart metal with his HAIR. Mario’s Starman may make him invincible, But Super Sonic lasts longer, and can actually attack his opponents. Sonic can dodge the Fire Flower. Sonic can shred through Metal Mario. Overall, Sonic with NO power ups can outlast most of Mario’s Powerups. Winner: Sonic the Hedgehog, by a MILE.

  5. death to mario says:

    One word. Sonic.

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