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The Trying Scotsman 11: …And Now For Something Completely Different

In which our anti-hero dabbles with structure and has a rant about the local authority as well as talking games, TV and movies.   [auction-nudge tool=”listings”] Play in new window | Download


Flash Pilot Crisis

So I watched The Flash episode 1 (leaked) last night…one word – OhmyfuckingGoditisamazing!  It’s a DC fanboy(or girl)’s wet dream.  But you don’t have to be a DC fan or even know who Flash...


The Talking Dead

  WARNING: THIS MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR SOME READERS I’ve recently started watching The Walking Dead after pining to watch it since I saw it advertised when season 1 was about to begin.  I...

Advertising Space 1

Advertising Space

I was sitting in my huge leather armchair and watching telly and thinking how marvelous it would be if they still made adverts like they did back then such as this one. Just like...

Facejacker 0


Absolutely hysterical show. I was gonna post some of my favourite clips but they’ve been disabled due to copyright for all the ones I had found on ye olde Youtube. However, I’ve found the...