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War Never Changes

I’m not one to delve into the matters of politics or religion as these can be such volatile hot potatoes I generally steer clear.  I remain somewhat ignorant of such matters so try to...


The Trying Scotsman 11: …And Now For Something Completely Different

In which our anti-hero dabbles with structure and has a rant about the local authority as well as talking games, TV and movies.   [auction-nudge tool=”listings”] Play in new window | Download


Relationship Advice?

I’m going to start by saying that this will probably be the most controversial blog post I have written.  Just be glad most of you haven’t heard the controversial stuff I haven’t written!  I...


Civil War

I’ve written about this before (not entirely sure where – can’t find it so it may have been a Facebook post) and this article on the Huffington Post captures my feelings on the situation of...

If It Ain’t Prostatitis, Then WTF Is It? 0

If It Ain’t Prostatitis, Then WTF Is It?

So it’s been a couple of weeks now and I still haven’t had my appointment from the hospital for a colonoscopy.  Test results haven’t come back either and I am starting to think that...

Fear & Loathing In Merthyr Tydfil 0

Fear & Loathing In Merthyr Tydfil

I wanna start off by saying now, I am not being plagued by visions of bats or dinosaurs and other nasties! I seem to have been bitten by the ‘muse bug’, though…this will be...


I Reminisce, I Reminisce

Over the past few weeks, I have become more and more nostalgic.  I’ve been off work since April 10th.  I’ve had a number of tests done and taken many painkillers and had some…journeys.  But...


Today Wasn’t A Good Day

Today started off pretty shitty and that set the trend for the rest of the day.  I started work at 9am.  Although I discovered that by rushing to work this morning thinking I started...