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Let The Countdown Begin

Today is the first second day of my annual leave.  9 8 more days until Fallout 4 is released…I hope it arrives a day early like a lot of pre-orders.  I was fortunate enough to...


The Trying Scotsman 11: …And Now For Something Completely Different

In which our anti-hero dabbles with structure and has a rant about the local authority as well as talking games, TV and movies.   [auction-nudge tool=”listings”] Play in new window | Download


The Trying Scotsman 10: Arkham Shite

In which our anti-hero discusses his dismay with the conclusion to the Arkham series.  The man makes the car not the other way around.  Too much Batmobile.  ’nuff said.   [auction-nudge tool=”listings”] Play...


Carry On Rimming

So after yesterday’s battle and Googling the save data issue I spent the latter part of the day trying out Brute Force.  I spent a little bit of time on it and got nowhere...


Skyrimmed – FML

It’s been a long time since I’ve played my PS3 so I decided to fire up Skyrim – 168 hours invested in it so far and after having watched Game of Thrones I figured...


GTA V Wishlist

GTA IV was a good game. But it wasn’t great.  For me, it just didn’t live up to the hype.  Graphically it was beautiful, with neat little touches and lighting effects etc.  Plot-wise it...

Things To Do When You’re Feeling Like Sh!t 0

Things To Do When You’re Feeling Like Sh!t

After leaving work early on Sunday and having about 6 hours sleep almost straight after getting home, yesterday, the sickness was less frequent but the headache and all-over aches were still in full effect...