Monthly Archive: March 2011

Look, I’m Not Your Father. 0

Look, I’m Not Your Father.

After listening to an episode of SModcast which was focused around sex (moreso than most of the other episodes lol) and seeing some sketch shows etc. whereby people have strange…sexual things going on, it...

How To Play Genesis/Megadrive/Megadrive II Games On PS3 0

How To Play Genesis/Megadrive/Megadrive II Games On PS3

I was gonna copy and paste my other blog post, but thought that was a bit pointless so, if anyone wants to know how to do this, check out my other blog here!

The Game (Of Life) 0

The Game (Of Life)

So I’ve not long watched the final Saw movie. ¬†Last ¬†night, I watched Black Swan and tonight, Comic Relief is on. 3 very different ways of portraying pain, suffering, misery and the bleak picture...

Killing Time 0

Killing Time

I’m waiting for my machine to finish extending the FAT32 partition on one of my external HDDs and it’s taking aaaaaaaaaaaaaaages so I figured I’d sit down, try and make my way through an...


Shady Sony

I checked out the Playstation Blog (EU) earlier today to see what would be up on the Store and noticed the Plus content for March & April announcement. Sonic The Hedgehog was listed for...